If my fluid has a density of 7.3 lb/gallon, and I would like 290 mg of fluid applied per square foot, what do I need to do to achieve this?

Refer to the Film Thickness Reference Chart below. Find the density of your fluid along the left or right side of the chart and find your desired amount of fluid along the top or bottom of the chart. From there, you can find your lube film thickness setting (in microns). The lube film thickness setting should be entered in the Set Lube Thickness menu under the Configure Auto Setup menu. In order for the new film thickness to take effect, you must create a new setup using Auto Setup. The new setup should apply enough fluid so that you obtain your desired value of 290 mg per square foot.


Film Thickness Reference Chart (Click images below for larger view):

Film Thickness Reference Chart 1chart 1

Film Thickness Reference Chart 2chart 2

Film Thickness Reference Chart 3chart 3



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