How do I choose the best nozzle for my saw?

Circular Saws:

Blade 20” or under: Use a 3” BAT nozzle, part number 3S-3 Blade larger than 20”: Coolubricator with a minimum of two standard nozzles

Vertical Band Saw:

All blade sizes: Use a 3” BAT nozzle, part number 3S-3

Horizontal Band Saw:

Choose either a BAT nozzle or Collapsible Blade Nozzle/Guide Nozzle combination

BAT Nozzle

The BAT Nozzle works with most types of saws and is the most popular choice by users and OEM’s. This is because its nozzle configuration makes it more forgiving than the collapsible nozzle in regards to the distance the nozzle can be from the blade, although it is still important to have it well centered over the blade. Using the BAT Nozzle requires cutting a mounting hole in blade guard where the blade teeth can be sprayed by the nozzle (see installation sheet for details). The location should be before the blade enters the material but after any chip brushes or other items that would remove the lube.

All blade sizes: Use a 3” BAT Nozzle, part number 3S-3

Collapsible Blade Nozzle

The collapsible style nozzle requires mounting on the lower horizontal portion of the saw, before the blade enters the material. This can be on the lower blade guard – but in this case it means modifying the guard as with the BAT Nozzle– or mounting to the guide block itself. If the guide block is 1.5” or wider the nozzle can be mounted directly by drilling and tapping mounting holes. If the guide block is too small, or the collapsible nozzle is being mounted into the guard, a bracket will have to be fabricated. Care should be taken in drilling the mounting holes or making the bracket to ensure the nozzle is rigidly mounted and positioned correctly in the both the vertical and horizontal positions (see installation sheet for details). Blade 1” or under: Use a standard Collapsible Blade Nozzle, part number 301183. Blade 1” to 2”: Use a standard Collapsible Blade Nozzle and a Guide Nozzle, part numbers 301183 and 301264 respectively. Blade between 2” and 3”: Use an extended Collapsible Blade Nozzle and a Guide Nozzle, part numbers 301497 and 301264 respectively.

Guide Nozzle

The Guide Nozzle is designed to accompany the Collapsible Blade Nozzle or Bat Nozzle. The Guide Nozzle applies lubricant to the blade where it comes in contact with the guides to reduce friction and extend blade and guide life. Part no. 301264

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