• Monitors critical parameters
  • Precision fluid control
  • Controls up to 22 outputs
  • Stores up to 250 different setups/jobs
  • Access code prevents tampering
  • Saves fluid: precisely controls fluid

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  • Programmable Fluid Controller provides full-feature monitoring of critical parameters.
  • Proprietary, patented (patent no. 6567710) electronic controller intermittently actuates a bank of fluid Solenoid Valves (up to 22 outputs) that dispense a programmed quantity of fluid to specific lube points. The valve actuation is determined by production line rates so there is no under or over lubrication whether it is a stamping press or roll forming operation.
  • Guides user through set up. Menu-driven software lets you store up to 60 different setups for easy change-outs from one job to the next.
  • Controls critical parameters such as fluid level, pressure and flow (optional sensors are required). Alerts operator with an audible alarm and red LED. An external alarm relay can also be wired directly to a press control. Access code setup also available to limit authorization to change settings.

The ACCESS CODE SCREEN allows the user to setup passwords to control system access

AUTO SETUP MODE prompts the user for job specifications and automatically creates a new setup program for Uni-Roller® applications.

The EDIT SCREEN allows the user to modify current setups.

The ALARM SCREEN allows the user to monitor all critical system functions.
  • Start saving! Precisely and consistently control your fluid flow with a system engineered for your application. Contact us today.

SPR-2000 provides central control for one or more of the following:

  • Uni-Roller® Type S
  • Mini-Roller Powered
  • Uni-Roller® Unist Spray Nozzles
  • In-die lube points
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