Unist Machine Shop: New capabilities

Aug 24, 2017 | General | admin

Unist has expanded its machining capability with the purchase of a Mazak QT-250MSY. This new turning center features live tooling, a Y-axis, and a sub-spindle. This addition to our machine shop will allow us to manufacture more of our parts "done in one" rather than handling the parts to complete multiple machining operations...

The additional axis and live tooling will equal major time savings for parts requiring machining on multiple sides which are time-consuming to machine on our current equipment.

The new Mazak will be equipped with a Unist Quantum system which will give us near-infinite control over MQL application rates directly from the Mazak smooth control. By running all of our machines using Unist MQL systems and lubricants, we don't deal with any coolant mess. All of our metal chips are high-value scrap because they're clean and dry. This also allows us to eliminate the complication and expense of coolant systems and chip conveyors. In most cases, our chips are collected in simple chip pans under the machines and then transferred to cardboard Gaylords for recycling.

floor pads

New cement pads poured in preparation for our new Mazak QT-250MSY Turning Center.


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