Band saw blade life boosted with new nozzles

Unist introduces two new nozzles designed specifically for extending band saw blade life with MQL:

Sep 20, 2017 | metalcutting | admin

bandsaw nozzles

The Band Saw Blade Nozzle is mounted on blade guides and delivers an ideal spray pattern for blade lubrication. It features flexible mounting with multiple positions and a built-in ruler guide to assure proper positioning. The Band Saw Blade Nozzle is available in 1" [25.4mm], 2" [50.8mm], and 3" [76.2mm] sizes to accommodate most common band saw blade widths.

The Band Saw Guide Nozzle lubricates the sides of the blade to help minimize friction and mounts directly to guide blocks or to the Band Saw Blade Nozzle. Additional mounting kits are available for maximum mounting flexibility.
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