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Christmas in September: New Mazak delivered

Sep 20, 2017 | General | admin

New equipment delivery is always exciting and our new Mazak QT-250MSY's arrival is no exception. We're excited about the new capabilities the QT-250MSY will bring to the Unist machine shop!

The new Mazak will be equipped with a Unist Quantum system which will give us near-infinite control over MQL application rates directly from the Mazak smooth control. By running all of our machines using Unist MQL systems and lubricants, we don't deal with any coolant mess. All of our metal chips are high-value scrap because they're clean and dry. This also allows us to eliminate the complication and expense of coolant systems and chip conveyors. In most cases, our chips are collected in simple chip pans under the machines and then transferred to cardboard Gaylords for recycling.

Mazak delivered


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