2,020 Gallons Less Stamping Fluid to Handle...What Would You Do?

One company in California learns the joy of reduction.

Mar 19, 2015 | ArticlesForming | admin

How about less cleaning, less maintenance, less absorbent materials? How about more productivity….or cash! It is no secret that a myriad of expenses and effort are associated with the necessary application of stamping fluids. One company in California has learned the joy of reduction in those factors by integrating the Uni-Roller® and the SPR-2000™ Programmable Controller into their stamping and drawing operations for lubrication of their coil stock. They have achieved measurable results and happily share a few of them with us. Application: Drawing and deep drawing of steel (both galvanized and stainless), aluminum and zinc aluminum. Previous Solution: Drip system onto rags used to spread oil onto the coil stock. Problem: Using too much fluid. Fluid ending up on floors, all over machines and pooling on the parts. More fluid on the floors when parts placed into storage racks

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