Positive-feed drill lubrication


  • typhoon
    • Reliable cutting tool lubrication
    • Portable design & comfort-grip handle
    • Ensures proper air motor lubrication
    • For oil & water-based lubricants
    • Built-in hose storage
    • Low pressure drop

Typhoon portable, automatic lubrication for aerospace drilling

  • The Typhoon™ is designed to keep pace with the demands of airframe drilling. The pneumatic positive and peck-feed drill systems used in these applications endure constant use and must deliver top performance in an industry where precision is critical. The Typhoon™ allows airframe builders to lubricate their drills and protect their air motors in one portable, mobile and productive unit.

  • From the instant you pull the air tool's trigger, the dual-output Typhoon® delivers the proper amount of lubricant to protect both your cutting tool and the air motor. Its compact design, built-in hose storage, and ergonomic handle make the Typhoon ® easy to transport and operate. Simple, independent adjustment of air and fluid flow rates means the system can provide proper lubricant for a broad variety of different cutting tools and materials.

  • The Typhoon® system is engineered to integrate into operations where compressed air economy is a concern. It features a proprietary air flow sensor with minimal pressure drop to conserve compressed air and maximize tool power.


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  • adjust air and fluid rate
    Easy adjustment of air & fluid rates
    The Typhoon® makes on-the-fly adjustments quick and easy with large, easy-to-read knobs for air and fluid.
  • comfort handle
    Comfort-grip handle with integrated hose storage
    Durable, comfort grip makes for easy carrying. The system's hose is easily wrapped around the unit and secured with built-in clips.
  • flow sensor and air pilot valve
    Fully-integrated flow sensor & air pilot valve
    Flow sensor and an air pilot valve are integrated into manifold blocks improve serviceability. Manifold-mounted pressure regulator w/gauge controls air-flow to the cutting tool for increased accuracy and adjustment for different tool sizes.
  • positive displacement pump
    Reliable positive-displacement pump
    The Typhoon® features Unist's reliable MV pump which is built to dispense a wide range of fluids and provide a long service life.
  • durable design
    Durable, industrial design
    Rugged design built to provide years of performance in tough conditions.
  • typhoon sp
    Now available: Typhoon SP
    Same performance, compact package. Ideal for drilling in tight quarters (shown with standard Typhoon (left) for size comparison. )


  • Unist MV Pump Max Fluid Viscosity: 1300 SUS

    Min/Max Air Pressure: 60-120 psi

  • Unit Weight: 32 lbs (14.5 kg) approx - varies with hose length

    Hose Length: 10 - 20' (3 - 6 M) - made to order

Typhoon Components

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Benefits and lessons learned for production implementation"

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The Typhoon was originally designed in the 1980’s when Unist provided systems for the Rockwell B-1 Lancer program.


Continuous lubrication with minimum pressure drop for high-speed gun-drilling & boring.


Through-spindle delivery of Minimum Quantity Lubrication for horizontal or vertical coolant-fed spindles.


Portable, automatic lubrication for aerospace drilling.


Portable cutter lubrication system for portable pneumatic tools.


Thru-The-Tool coolant system for water soluble fluids.

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