Spindle coolant/lubricant system


  • whirlwind
    • Eliminates coolant equipment & costs
    • Better finishes
    • Improved tool life
    • Improved cycle time

Whirlwind™ through-the-spindle delivery of Minimum Quantity Lubrication

  • Works on all makes and models of CNC machining centers. May be used on some "stand-alone" machines.

    Eliminates all flood coolant considerations and costs. Applies the minimum amount of lubrication you need along with compressed air directly and consistently to the tool-work interface. Fluid particles are large enough to wet-out and penetrate the heat generating tool/work piece interface. It is the cleanest, easiest way to get better finishes, improved tool life and cycle time — plus eliminate all the flood coolant mainteance, filtration floor space, power and initial system costs.

    Reduces friction and absorbs heat in the tool and transfers it out of the generated area so you get better finishes and near-dry chips for easy clean up.

  • Improves results with high-efficiency lubricant. Unist Coolube® stands up to the tremendous pressures exerted in high-speed operations such as gun drilling and boring. It clings to the cutting surface longer so it significantly reduces friction and lubricates the flutes, holes and chips to improve hole quality. Fewer part reworks save you time and money shift after shift.

    Mounts at any elevation within 25 ft. of tool.

    Says good-bye to all flood coolant costs. See how Whirlwind™ can cut costs without compromising your quality standards.

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Whirlwind Applications

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616.949.0853 Intl.


Continuous lubrication with minimum pressure drop for high-speed gun-drilling & boring.


Through-spindle delivery of Minimum Quantity Lubrication for horizontal or vertical coolant-fed spindles.


Portable, automatic lubrication for aerospace drilling.


Portable cutter lubrication system for portable pneumatic tools.


Thru-The-Tool coolant system for water soluble fluids.

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