• Valve at nozzle tip eliminates messy drips
  • Immediate on/off spray control ( no lag )
  • Fine control of spray pattern
  • Individual air & fluid control
  • Air actuated

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Versatility & Control

When you need precise control of your lubrication spray, the Unist Low Volume Spray Nozzle delivers with a consistent and controlled spray pattern. The air and fluid volumes are controlled independently by precision needle valves allowing you to fine tune the spray to your specific needs.  An integral valve at the nozzle tip means our system features immediate on and off control which eliminates lag and prevents messy fluid drips.

Spray Patterns

Conical Spray | Internal Mix Fan Spray | External Mix

Control & Monitor Multiple Nozzles

Combine your Unist Low Volume Spray Nozzles with a Unist SPR-2000 programmable controller and pressure tank for precise control of spray frequency and duration.

The SPR-2000 is capable of controlling 22 independent Low Volume Spray Nozzles and monitoring critical parameters such as fluid level, fluid pressure, and flow and is a great choice for controlling your present and future stock lubrication systems.

Mounting Options:

Create your own mounting solution with our Modular Mounting System!

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