• Lubricates stock from .002" to .010" (.05mm - .25mm) thick
  • Protects expensive tooling
  • Lubricates both sides of stock
  • Reduces fluid usage

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The Unist TSL™ system provides smooth and consistent lubrication to the coil, which helps protect tooling and reduces excess waste. The system features controlled lubricant delivery to both sides of thin stock using specialized felt application pads. The TSL™ is capable of applying lubricant coatings as low as 25 mg/ft² (269 mg/m²), and is an ideal solution for applications where proper lubrication is critical. The Unist TSL™ is commonly used for fin stock and thin coils used in the container and packaging industry.
  • Protects expensive tooling
  • Consistent application at a fraction of the cost of an electrostatic system
  • Controlled application of low or no VOC fluids
  • Lubricates both sides of stock
  • Pneumatic cylinders maintain consistent contact with material
  • Reduce fluid usage – apply only what you need
  • Eliminate the mess of a dip tank lubrication system

Tough, industrial design

Multiple mounting options

Reversible felt application pads (both sides can be used)

Adjustable pneumatic cylinders

Stock Thicknesses:
.002" - .010" (.05mm - .25mm) thick

Stock Widths:
in widths from 9" - 45" (228mm - 1143mm)

Fluid Types:
For use with vanishing fluid or low viscosity oil (oils from 30 SUS to 150 SUS).
Not designed for use with water soluble lubricants

SPR-2000™ & The TSL™ System

The patented SPR-2000™ programmable fluid controller is the key component for reliably and accurately controlling the application of lubricants. Precise control of your fluid application saves you money through reduced fluid usage and improves efficiency by ensuring the entire coil is properly lubricated.

The SPR-2000™ alerts you to issues before they become expensive problems that interrupt or stop your production lines. With the SPR-2000™ you’ll know immediately if the fluid supply runs low, if fluid pressure varies, or if flow to the applicator is interrupted (Level, pressure, and flow sensors required). The SPR-2000™ features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface as well as an access code to prevent unauthorized tampering or changes in fluid settings.

Prime button for easy priming of the felt application pads.

Visual and audio alarm notification plus an alarm relay output for integration.

Access code prevents tampering by unauthorized personnel.

  • "Set it and forget it" operation
  • Easy to use interface
  • Access code prevents tampering
  • Fault monitoring

Modular Design = Multiple Widths

Lubricant is delivered through separate, modular 9" manifold blocks combined to lubricate multiple widths


System Includes:
  • TSL™ applicator
  • SPR-2000™ programmable fluid controller
  • Control valves
  • 20 gallon tank
  • Integral stand
  • Heavy-duty filter
  • Pressure switch
  • Flow sensors
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