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Uni-Roller Savings Calculator

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Stock lubrication is often an afterthought for many metal formers. Inconsistent lubrication methods not only create messy conditions, they can become a huge drain on profitability. Fortunately for metal formers, Uni-RollerĀ® systems not only promote clean press areas, but pay for themselves with some significant savings.

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What others have found:

  • Saved the company $20,000 per month
    - ARJ Mfg. LLC, Jackson, TN
  • 6 month payback
    - Johnson Controls, Athens, TN
  • Lubricant consumption dropped 25%
    - Electrolux, Springfield, TN
  • Reduced downtime by 20%
    - MTD, Martin, TN
  • Consistent, even coverage, top and bottom
    - MTD, Martin, TN
  • A $225,000 per year reduction in freight costs
    - Johnson Controls, Athens, TN
  • 15% decrease in die maintenance
    - Electrolux, Springfield, TN
  • A 30% increase in press uptime
    - Johnson Controls, Athens, TN