How does the EP Additive Work in 201EP?

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2020-03-11 14:16

The Extreme Pressure (EP) additive in Coolube 2210 EP helps to decrease the wear of tools exposed to very high pressures. The term "extreme pressure" classically refers to the property of lubricants which impart to rubbing surfaces the ability of carrying appreciably greater loads than would be possible with ordinary lubricants without excessive wear or damage.

Our EP additive contains organic sulfur compounds which react with metal surfaces based on the heat generated by small irregularities on the surfaces. These irregularities cause localized flashes of high temperature without significant increase of the overall average surface temperature. When these conditions exist the additive reacts to produce a protective film that prevents this friction thus enhancing tool life and improving surface finishes.

Sulfur containing EP additives can cause corrosion problems in parts made of bronze, brass and other copper alloys when high temperature environment is encountered. This is why we only recommend Coolube 2210 EP for use on ferrous metals.

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