Does Coolube® irritate the skin?

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2020-03-11 14:26

As with many natural products, prolonged exposure to Coolube's® bears a slight risk of skin irritation, but this is extremely rare. Most of the components of Coolube are also used in cosmetics, and this is one of the reasons it rarely irritates the skin. The components are also food-grade and, although Unist does not recommend it, could be used in food preparation.

In over 30 years of manufacturing and handling Coolube® we have had very, very few reports of any exposure issues. However if irritation should occur, washing the affected area with soap and water should eliminate the irritation. It is worth noting that one of Coolube's® components is considered a penetration enhancer and may enhance the skin penetration of other chemicals. For this reason users should exercise caution when using Coolube® in conjunction with other products which have set limits based on dermal absorption.

Coolube Safety Data Sheets

Coolube Product Info

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