What is the purpose of the minimum valve duration setting?

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2020-03-11 13:56

The purpose of the minimum valve duration setting is to help prolong the life of the valves. When Auto Setup creates a new setup, the system will calculate the duration of the valves to be as short as possible. With the minimum valve duration setting, there is some control as to how short that duration will be. As an example,let’s say that Auto Setup calculates that the valves need to open every stroke of the press for 0.050 seconds in order to apply the desired amount of fluid. The problem with this is that the valve is going to turn on very frequently for a very short amount of time. However, if the minimum valve duration was set to 0.250 seconds, then the valves would only need to turn on every fifth stroke of the press. The number of times that the valves open is decreased, but the same amount of fluid is applied by leaving the valves open for a longer period of time.

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