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Unist is proud to partner with many well known original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We provide both spray and roller lubrication systems to a wide range of OEMs around the world and we specialize in custom-designed systems for OEM integration. Our lubrication systems can add extra value and performance to your equipment.

We currently provide OEM systems for:

    • Saws (bandsaw and circular)
    • CNC Routers
    • CNC Machining Centers
    • Drills
    • Tapping Machines
    • Tube Bending Equipment
    • Stamping Presses
    • Coil & Blank Feed Equipment
    • Wearpoint Lubrication
    • In-Die Lubrication

Please contact:
Mark Cooper, Director of OEM Sales.


Call Unist:
800.253.5462 Toll-free US & CAN
616.949.0853 Intl.

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