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Mar 28, 2017

Unist mini-website

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Download and install on your tablet and show off Unist products to customers on the go.  Works without an internet connection!  Download the file and follow the instructions to install on your device.

Note:  instructions are for installation on an ipad using 'iMazing' to transfer files and the 'Kiosk Pro'  app to browse the content.  The content can be installed on any kiosk app/mobile platform which supports browsing local html files following the same general steps.

iPad instructions:

1.) Download the file and extract it to a location you can remember on your Mac or PC.  It should be a folder called 'unist' after extracting.


2.) On your Mac or PC, Download & install 'iMazing':

3.) On your iPad, go to the app store and purchase Kiosk Pro Basic and install it on your device

4.) Connect your iPad to your computer using the charge/sync usb cable.  

5.) Launch iMazing on your Mac or PC - with your iPad connected, you should see it show up in the left column.  Click the triangle next to your iPad's name in the left column to expand and see "Apps, Camera, Photos, Music, etc." below it.

6.) Click on 'Apps' and wait for iMazing to display all the apps you have loaded on your device and then locate the 'Kiosk Pro Basic' icon and double-click it.

7.) You may see several files/folders. Double-click the 'Documents' folder to display its contents.

8.) Either drag and drop the 'unist' folder into the documents folder of your device in iMazing OR click the 'Copy to Device' button on the bottom menu of iMazing and navigate to the 'unist' folder's location on your PC/Mac and select it to upload it.

9.) Verify that the 'unist' folder has copied into the 'documents' folder under the 'Kiosk Pro Basic' app on your ipad.

10.) Disconnect your iPad and launch the 'Kiosk Pro' app on your iPad

11.) When you launch the app, you will see a settings screen.  We really only need to see this once, so we will first set the app to only show settings when we want to see them.  Follow these instructions:

a.) find the 'SETTINGS MENU' section of the 'Settings' page and click 'Show Settings.'

b.) Change from the default of 'On App Launch' to 'On Touch Gesture and Passcode.'

c.) Click the '< Settings' in the upper left corner to save this setting and return to the main 'Settings' page.

d.) Click  'Passcode (4 digit string)' (directly under 'Show Settings') and enter an easy to remember passcode.

e.) Now, when the app is running, you can access settings by holding a finger in all 4 corners of the screen and entering your passcode.


12.) We need to point the app at the HTML files in our 'unist' folder.  Find 'Homepage' in the settings, and enter 'unist/ipad/index.html'

13.) Change the following settings to the following values

Show iPad Status Bar (turn off)
Show Address Bar (turn off)
Navigation Bar Settings -> Show Navigation Bar (turn off)
Apply Restrictions to Embedded Content (turn off)
Show Blocked Request Alert (turn off)
Fix Window to Viewport (turn ON )
Idle Time Limit (seconds) 300
Refresh Homepage variable (how many minutes before app returns to homepage)
Requires Internet Access (turn off)

14.)  Click 'Run Kiosk Presentation' in the upper-left corner*

*only required this first time - app should go right into html pages on startup now.  To change settings.  Hold four fingers at four corners of screen and lift/release at the same time then enter four digit code from step 11.d above.