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Sep 11, 2020

Slashed Lube Use, Improved Die Life

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Continuous stock-lubrication systems, or roller coaters, consistently apply a precise amount of lubricant to the top and bottom of coil stock just before it feeds into the press. Compared to locating spray nozzles at the entry end of the press and then spaced throughout the die, as needed, roller coaters promise to reduce lube consumption by eliminating overspraying, while promoting cleanliness around the press. And, precise, predictable and repeatable lube application can improve part quality and extend die life.

Such is the case at the heavy-stamping division of automotive-parts supplier Grant Industries, Clinton Township, MI, home to 13 mechanical stamping presses. The firm supplies primarily the automotive market, with parts for air bags and seatbelt restraints and large underbody parts.

Press-tonnage capacity at the facility ranges from a 90-ton high-speed model to an 800-ton Minster straightside, including its newest addition to the plant floor—a 700-ton Nidec Minster servomechanical press. While this is not Grant Industries’ maiden voyage with servo presses (its equipment lineup includes a 220-ton Aida servo press), the new press has allowed the firm to expand its horizons by improving its ability to stamp larger, more complex parts from higher-strength steels. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup press for its 800-ton machine.

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