MQL technology for CNC machines


  • The Unist Revolution is the world's first integrated, programmable Minimum Quantity Lubrication ( MQL ) applicator designed specifically for CNC machines.  Its patent pending technology brings the same level of computer-controlled accuracy, precision, and repeatability to your cutting tool lubrication as the CNC controls bring to your machining operations.

    The CNC lubrication system can be configured with one or two oil/air outputs which can be used for either external spray nozzles or through the spindle lubrication. The output volume of the Uni-Max Revolution can be tailored to each tool in a machine directly from the CNC program, allowing for optimization of each machining process.

  • U.S. Pat. No. 8,934,998

Benefits of CNC Lubrication Systems

    • Enjoy the benefits of MQL on your CNC machine
    • Eliminate the flood coolant mess
    • Increase production rates
    • Improve surface finish


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  • Uni-Max Revolution Saves You Money!

    The Uni-Max Revolution not only improves the efficiency of your CNC machines, but also your bottom line. Unist CNC lubrication systems routinely eliminate the need for flood coolant while also significantly increasing tool life and feed rates. Fluid disposal costs are now a thing of the past, and overall production costs can be reduced by up to 15%. Since the lubricant application is so minimal, your chips will be dry and ready to recycle without any further processing. Now that is revolutionary!

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CNC Lubrication System Specifications:

  • MQL Application

    • Two independent 2-channel (separate air and oil) MQL outputs allow for instantaneous response to changes in output quantity
    • User selectable maximum oil output from 10-255 drops/minute (0.33-8.42 mL/minute)
    • Oil delivered in programmable steps of 25, 50, 75, or 100% of maximum output setting
    • Proven Unist positive displacement oil pumps
    • MQL air flow electronically controlled with proportional flow valves
    • Optional pulsed air blow-off nozzle for chip removal with electronically adjustable frequency (1-255 pulses/minute) and duty cycle (1-100%)


    • Three M-code inputs available to control two independent MQL outputs and a pulsed air blow-off nozzle
    • Works with pulsed, confirmation, or latched M-code signals from dry contact M-code inputs
    • Isolated SPDT alarm relay (2 amp maximum load)


    • Audible/Visual alarm and an alarm relay output
    • Supports alarms for:
      - Low air pressure via integrated air pressure sensor
      - Low fluid -No fluid flow (with optional oil flow sensors)
  • General

    • 2 quart (1.9 Liter) polyethylene oil reservoir with integrated low-level switch
    • 20 character, 4 line LCD display
    • Tactile membrane switch user interface
    • NEMA type 2 enclosure
    • 24 VDC power input(1.5 amps maximum current)
    • Password-protected lock on control panel to prevent tampering


    • Oil-flow sensors
    • Auto-refill of reservoir from a pressurized central fluid supply
    • Pulsed air blow-off nozzle


    • 14.3" (363 mm) Height
    • 6.7" (170 mm) Width
    • 8.28" (211 mm) Depth

Uni-Max Revolution & M-Codes

Designed to be programmed from M-codes, the Uni-Max Revolution allows the operator to precisely control the amount of fluid being dispensed for each job. Featuring two independently controlled fluid applicators and an air blow-off nozzle for chip removal, the Uni-Max Revolution allows you to dispense the lubricant exactly where needed, in the amount needed - down to 0.20 ounces (6mL) per hour. Whether it's being applied through the cutting tool or an external nozzle, the Uni-Max Revolution is the ultra-precise lubrication system that will take your CNC machine to new levels of performance.

Machine Integration:

hruleHorizontal or Vertical CNC Machining Centers

The Revolution can be installed on a machining center to dispense MQL lubricant to the cutting tools in the most effective way possible. Depending on the machine, this can be done externally through a spray nozzle, internally through tools with oil holes, or a combination of both.


  • 2 channel through the spindle lubrication
  • 2-channel through the spindle
    • Separate lubricant and air lines connect to a 2-channel rotary union
    • Lubricant and air are mixed together just before the tool holder
    • Near-instantaneous changes in fluid output at the cutting tool
    • Requires a Unist MQL rotary union
    • Requires tools with oil holes


  • 2 channel through inducer
  • 2-channel coaxial to the spindle or coolant inducer
    • Lubricant line is run in a separate tube inside the air line
    • Lubricant and air mix together just before the spindle
    • A slight delay before fluid output changes are seen at the cutting tool
    • Often works with the rotary union on the machine
    • Requires tools with oil holes


  • External Spray Nozzle
  • External spray nozzle
    • Easiest to install
    • Instantaneous changes in fluid output at the nozzle tip
    • May need adjustment for varying length tools
    • Only option for tools without oil holes


h ruleCNC Turning Centers

The Revolution can be installed on most turning centers to provide MQL lubricant to the tools externally through a spray nozzle, through the turrent for either external or internal lubrication of any tool, or a combination of both.

  • 2 channel through turret
  • 2-channel through the turret
    • Lubricant line run in separate tube inside air line
    • Lubricant/air mix together just before entering the turret
    • Slight delay before fluid output changes are seen at the tool
    • Copper or stainless steel tubes direct fluid toward tool (external lubrication)
    • Boring bars/other tools with oil holes connected w/nylon or copper tubing (internal lubrication)


  • External Spray Nozzle
  • External spray nozzle
    • Easiest to install
    • Instantaneous changes in fluid output at the nozzle tip
    • Can be difficult to position for multiple machining operations

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