Uni-Roller S2 Configurator

Start by choosing the best Uni-Roller® S2 system type for your application.

A Uni-Roller® system is comprised of a Uni-Roller® S2 stock lubricator and a Unist Fluid Supply System with SPR-2000 programmable controller. After you configure your stock lubricator, you will be prompted to configure a Fluid Supply System (coming soon).

  • Standard - Lubricate coil stock for stamping/forming applications
  • Powered - Lubricate sheet or blank stock for stamping/forming applications
  • Can - Lubricate coil stock for aluminum can manufacturing
  • Wide opening (HG) - Lubricate thick or irregular stock



Choose Regular for stock thicknesses under .250 in.

Choose Double for stock thicknesses .250 in. and above. The double cylinder option allows the rollers to float with the stock.
air cylinders

Choose a roller cover type suitable for your fluid and/or stock:

Polyester felt (standard)
Extremely durable and compatible with a broad range of fluids

Polyurethane foam (optional)
Useful when sequence of stock widths used causes uneven wear on cover. consult Unist for fluid compatibility.

Choose 'Standard' for most applications and to accommodate the widest range of fluids and flow rates. Choose 'Low volume' for applications requiring coverage of 50 mg/ft2 (538 mg/m2) or less.

Choose on which side you'd like the tubing to exit your Uni-Roller® S2.

Choose the length of tubing from your Uni-Roller® S2 to your fluid supply/programmable controller.

include input sensor option]
input sensor
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