Tab Stock Lubrication System


  • Proven precision & performance

    The tab stock lubrication system uses the Unist Mini-Roller™ and is an ideal solution for lubricating narrow coils commonly used in tab making.

    When the Mini-Roller™ is combined with the SPR-2000™ controller, the Mini-Roller's™ patented internally fed design will evenly apply lubricant to both sides of the coil stock. Programmable control ensures consistent lubrication resulting in increased production and decreased downtime.

    A cleaner press, reduced fluid consumption, and decreased downtime from inadequate lubrication are just some of the benefits of implementing the Unist Tab Stock Lubrication System.

  • Tab Stock Lubrication System

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    • Cleaner presses & work areas
    • Even & consistent fluid application
    • Reduced fluid consumption
    • Decreased downtime
    • Increased production rates
    • Compatible with a wide variety of fluids

  • Tab Stock Lube System

Typical Tab Stock Lubrication installation:

  • system
  • system 2

  • Full-featured monitoring

    The SPR-2000 provides full-featured monitoring of critical parameters such as fluid level, pressure and flow (optional sensors are required) and alerts users with an audible alarm and red LED. An external alarm relay can also be wired directly to a press control.


  • alarm



Stock type: Aluminum coil stock

Stock thickness: .002" - 0.10" (.05mm - .25mm)

Stock width: 1" - 4" (25mm - 101mm)

Fluid type(s): For use with vanishing fluid or low viscosity oil (oils from 30 SUS to 150 SUS). Not designed for use with water soluble lubricants.

Applicator material: polyester felt

Fluid supply/capacity: 10 US gal (37L) ASME rated stainless fluid tank

Air supply: Clean, dry, compressed air: 80-90 psi (5.5 - 6.2 bar). 25 SCFM (708 SLPM) minimum

Interface: 4-line x 20 character LCD with 21-button tactile membrane switch

Fluid outputs: max 22/p>

Control inputs: 2 (dry contact/switch closure, prox sensor 10-30 VDC NPN, N.O.)

Alarm inputs: 2 (dry contact/switch closure, prox sensor 10-30 VDC NPN, N.O.)

Outputs: 22 max at power supply voltage. Max power 10 watts/output

Alarm relay: Isolated, non-fused single pole, double throw; 2 amp load max

Max input rate: 50 cycles/sec at 50% duty cycle. Minimum contact open or closed time: 10 milliseconds

Programmable ranges:
Count (CNT): 0-255 counts
Delay (DEL): 0-100 secs (.010 second increments)
Duration (DUR): 0-100 seconds (.010 second increments)

Fuses: Supply: 2 amp, Output: 5 amp

Operating temp. range: 0˚ to +50˚C (+32˚ to +122˚F)

Storage temp. range: -20˚ to +70˚C (-4˚ to +158˚F)

Storage: max 250 setups/jobs

Power: 120VAC - 50/60hz or 240VAC - 50/60hz 9.5 amps

Call Unist:
800.253.5462 Toll-free US & CAN
616.949.0853 Intl.
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