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Biobased lubricant for green machining

It seems that many products in today's market claim to help you "Go Green." With so many claiming "greeness", it's hard to know what that truly means from product to product. At Unist, we've been manufacturing biobased lubricants and green products long before the hype. Since 1957 to be exact.

With our recent USDA BioPreferred Program certification, everyone can see just how green our biobased lubricant products are. These biodegradable lubricants are the same non-toxic, environmentally friendly, green products we've been touting for years. Nothing has changed but the USDA's certification of our bio-based content through independent laboratory testing.

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Biodegradable Lubricants

Unist Coolube® 2210, 2210EP, 2210AL, and 2210XP are all USDA BioPreferred products and are tested and certified biodegradable lubricant products. Coolube® 2210 is certified biobased with a renewable, biobased content of 93%. Coolube® 2210EP is a certified lubricant with a biobased content of 92%. Coolube® 2210AL is a certified lubricant with a biobased content of 70%. Coolube® 2210XP is a certified lubricant with a biobased content of 91%.

Coolube 2210Coolube 2210EP

Coolube 2210ALCoolube 2210XP

USDA BioPreferred program

The purpose of the USDA BioPreferred® program is to promote the increased purchase and use of biobased products. The program is expected to promote economic development, creating new jobs and providing new markets for farm commodities. To the extent that the BioPreferred program achieves its purpose, the increased purchase of biobased products will also be expected to reduce petroleum consumption, increase the use of renewable resources, better manage the carbon cycle, and may contribute to reducing adverse environmental and health impacts.

BioPreferred® program was created by the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (2002 Farm Bill), and expanded by the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (2008 Farm Bill). The purpose is to increase the purchase and use of biobased products. The United States Department of Agriculture manages the program.

BioPreferred includes: a preferred procurement program for Federal agencies and their contractors, and a voluntary labeling program for the broad scale consumer marketing of biobased products. Under the procurement program, BioPreferred designates categories of biobased products that are required for purchase by Federal agencies and their contractors. As a part of this process, the minimum biobased content is specified. Going forward, biobased intermediate ingredients and feedstocks will be included in the designation process.

Under the voluntary labeling program, biobased lubricant products that meet the BioPreferred program requirements carry a distinctive label for easier identification by the consumer.

(content courtesy of USDA BioPreferred website)