Coolube® Solid

Advanced lubricant


  • coolube solid
  • Ideal lubricant for portable cutting/abrasive tools

    Coolube® solid and paste are ideal lubricants for portable cutting tools as well as abrasive applications such as belt sanding and grinding. Apply Coolube® solid and paste directly to the cutting/grinding surface to prolong tool life and prevent heat buildup in the work piece/tool interface.

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    • Improved tool life.
    • No employee health concerns
    • Increased production speed
    • Less housekeeping
    • Specially formulated for use with ferrous metals.
    • Also works with all non-ferrous metals except copper and brass.
    • Extreme temperature environments (-20˚F to 400˚F).

Safety data sheets (SDS)

  • Specifications:

    Coolube® 2110 Paste:
    odor: none
    appearance: blue paste
    solubility: insolube
    flash point: >302˚F (>150˚C)

    Coolube® 2120 Solid:
    odor: none
    appearance: white solid
    solubility: insoluble
    flash point: >302˚F (>150˚C)

  • Availability:

    Coolube® 2110 Paste:
    12 oz. jar

    Coolube 2120 Solid:
    4 oz. block

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