CNC Machine Lubrication


  • The Quantum™ system is a leap forward in Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) technology. This state-of-the-art system interfaces directly to machines and their controllers giving you unprecedented control over your MQL application.

    Quantum Control

    The Quantum™ gives you the ability to accurately and consistently quantify your lubrication settings. You can specify the fluid output down to a fraction of a drop to fine-tune machining processes, accurately measure and control usage, and share settings between multiple machines.

    With both RS-232 and discrete input interfaces, the Quantum™ can integrate into almost any type of device. Whether used on a machine with a simple on-off switch or one with a PLC controller, the Quantum™ can be programmed with the precise settings needed for each job you run.

    • Integrate easily: Serial or discrete interface
    • Quantify your lubrication: Digitally-controlled output
    • Stay informed: Active monitoring
    • Enjoy the benefits of MQL on your CNC machine
    • Eliminate the flood coolant mess
    • Increase production rates
    • Improve surface finish

on a Quantum system now!

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For engineers and machinists who understand the connection between process control and performance, the Quantum™ system represents a giant leap forward in lubricant delivery.

  • Digitally controlled output for cnc machiningQuantify your lubrication with digitally-controlled output.

  • Control Quantum directly in your CNC programControl the Quantum™ with simple inputs or integrate fully through a robust serial interface.

  • provide lubrication and air blow-off for CNC machiningDual use nozzle performs as both lubricant output and air blow-off to clear chips

  • Store multiple machining set-upsSetup, store, and select multiple jobs with the Quantum’s™ simple user interface.

  • CNC machining receive alertsActive monitoring with alerts informs operators when critical issues arise.

Quantum Components

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