ThroughSpindle™ MQL Systems

Unist offers the most technologically-advanced integrated lubrication systems
for through-spindle MQL applications:

infinity system through spindle

Unist Infinity SystemThe Infinity™ sets a new standard for performance in dual-channel, through-spindle, Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) systems. Specifically designed for high-production through-spindle operations, it consistently, reliably, and accurately delivers MQL fluids through the spindle over a wide range of flow rates.

The Infinity™ has unlimited MQL rates and integrates with the machine controller at the PLC level. It’s continuous-flow pump is ideal for critical production cycles with repeated, short-duration operations. Using precise flow measurement, it monitors the pump output in real time down to flow rates as low as 1 mL/hr.
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quantum system through spindle

Unist Quantum SystemThe Quantum™ is a leap forward in Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) technology. This state-of-the-art system interfaces directly with machines, giving you total control over your MQL application.

The Quantum™ is a reliable, digitally-controlled applicator suitable for through-spindle applications, complex external-spray applications, or a combination of both. It supports up to six outputs, and its intermittent positive-displacement pumps assure high accuracy with the nearly unlimited MQL rates. Discrete inputs or serial commands allow close integration with CNC programs.
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revolution system through spindle

Unist Revolution SystemThe Revolution™ is designed specifically for CNC machines. Its patented technology brings the same level of computer controlled accuracy, precision, and repeatability to your cutting tool lubrication as the CNC controls bring to your machining operations.

The Revolution™ is a reliable, digitally-controlled applicator with support for up to 2 outputs. It features 4 MQL output settings, each at 25% interval of a user-defined max. The Revolution™ controls its intermittent positive-displacement pumps through M-codes, and is appropriate for applications with a limited set of tool sizes/lengths.
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System comparison

SystemPriceDigitalMQL output levelsContinuous pump
Revolution $ Yes 4 No
Quantum $$ Yes Unlimited No
Infinity $$$ Yes Unlimited Yes

Spec information

Programmable MQL rates 4 nearly unlimited nearly unlimited
Control from CNC program M-code discrete signal or serial command set BCD interface or controller symbol table
MQL outputs up to 2 up to 6 up to 3
Fluid delivery approach intermittent positive-displacement pump intermittent positive-displacement pump continuous positive-displacement pump
Fluid adjustment digital digital digital
Pump stroke fixed adjustable continuous
Pump output 6 - 400 mL/hr. per output 6 - 400 mL/hr. per output 5 - 500 mL/hr. per output
Output accuracy fluid and temp.
fluid and temp.
fluid and temp.
Viscosity dependencies no no no
Ambient temp. dependencies no no no
Air adjustment limited digital digital or manual digital
Air blow-off yes yes no
Tool change air release no no yes
Low fluid level sensor yes yes yes
Air pressure sensor yes yes yes
Fluid flow sensor flow/no-flow sensing flow/no-flow sensing measurement with
1 mL/hr. accuracy
Error handling general alarm relay,
alarm on unit
general alarm relay, alarm on
unit, errors sent via serial API
general alarm relay, alarm
on unit, errors sent via
serial API, error status
set for controllers
Reservoir size 64 oz. (1893 mL) 64 oz. (1893 mL) 4.5 gal. (17 L)
Dimensions W - 10.63" (270 mm)
H - 14.10" (358 mm)
D - 8.46" (215 mm)
W - 21.12" (536 mm)
H - 18.30" to 25.30" (465 to 643 mm)
D - 6.56" (167 mm)
W - 22.60" (574 mm)
H - 45.20" (1148 mm)
D - 11.40" (290 mm)
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About ThroughSpindle™

Through-spindle MQL is the most consistent, clean, and seamless way to apply MQL in a CNC machine.

ThroughSpindle™ Systems

Unist offers the most technologically-advanced integrated lubrication systems for through-spindle MQL applications:

Unist Spindle Kit

Unist spindle kit
Specially designed components for dual-channel, through-spindle MQL

MQL Tool Holder Kit

MQL tool holder kit
Unist MQL Tool Holder Kits fit into most common CAT and BT style tool holders.

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