Continuous Integrated Lubrication


Unparalleled precision

The Infinity™ sets a new standard for performance in dual-channel, through-spindle Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) systems. Specifically designed for high-production through-spindle operations, it consistently, reliably, and accurately delivers MQL fluids through the spindle over a wide range of flow rates.

Infinite control

The Infinity™ features a double-acting positive-displacement pump with a control algorithm that delivers accuracy and repeatability, even at very low flow rates. This patent-pending design delivers truly continuous output from 5-500 mL/hr. The positive-displacement pump is not sensitive to fluid viscosity or temperature. This design eliminates the need for calibrations, fluid heaters, and complex parts often used on competitors’ systems.

The Infinity™ gives you direct, digital control of air and fluid flow rates. This provides a nearly unlimited number of settings and allows the Infinity™ to handle any through-spindle MQL operation. The Infinity’s™ precision and repeatability make lubrication-focused process improvement simple and effective. Its reliability makes it a shop favorite.

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  • track fluid usage
    Digitally-controlled output tracks fluid usage.

  • controller integration
    Integrates with the controller on your machine.

  • consistent output
    Consistent output at all flow rates.

  • Nearly unlimited programmable MQL rates.

  • Active monitoring to ensure optimal performance.

Dual-channel MQL solution

Use with optional Unist Spindle Kit for dual-channel, through-spindle MQL

When integrated with the machine controller at the PLC level, the Infinity™ allows complete and seamless control from the operator interface. It also has a control interface compatible with other dual-channel, through-spindle MQL systems. Alternatively, the touch screen interface on the Infinity™ gives operators an easy and intuitive interface if a stand-alone solution is preferred.

infinity screen
Easy setup & adjustment

The Infinity™ system features a touch screen interface for quick and easy menu navigation.


Active monitoring
Active process monitoring ensures optimal performance and an alarm history log makes troubleshooting simple



Unlimited control
Directly set the output flow rates. Nearly unlimited MQL output settings provide precise control to optimize your operation.



Continuous output
The patent-pending continuous-flow pump delivers accuracy and repeatability, even at very low flow rates. The pump eliminates calibrations, heaters, and other complex parts often used on competitors’ systems


auto refill

Easy integration
Integrate the Infinity™ with your machine at the PLC level, or use its touch screen interface in stand-alone mode. Any way you choose to use it, the Infinity™ makes MQL control easy and intuitive


The Infinity’s™ support for up to three outputs makes it the best choice in through-spindle lubrication for machines with:


MQL outputs: 3

Unist Spindle Kit available: yes

Fluid delivery approach: continuous-flow positive-displacement pump

Air pressure sensor: yes

Programmable MQL rates: nearly unlimited

Reservoir size: 4.5 gal (17L)

Pump output: 5-500 mL/hr. per pump

Low fluid level sensor: yes

Fluid flow sensor:
yes - measurement down to 1 mL/hr

Dimensions: H - 45.20" (1148 mm), W - 22.60" (574 mm), D - 11.40" (290 mm)

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About ThroughSpindle™

Through-spindle MQL is the most consistent, clean, and seamless way to apply MQL in a CNC machine.

ThroughSpindle™ Systems

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Unist spindle kit
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MQL tool holder kit
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