MQL technology for CNC machines


  • Revolutionary MQL technology

    The Revolution™ is a reliable, digitally-controlled applicator designed specifically for CNC machines. Its patented technology brings accuracy, precision, and repeatability to your cutting tool lubrication. The Revolution™ offers up to two independently-controlled MQL outputs. Each can be programmatically controlled through M-codes. The Revolution™ is a good choice for through-spindle lubrication when digital control is needed but only a few MQL rates are required.

    U.S. Pat. No. 8,934,998

    Learn more about MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication)

Revolutionary control

The Revolution™ allows the operator to control the amount of fluid being dispensed directly from the CNC program. Support for MQL rates down to 6 mL/hr. makes the Revolution™ an ultra-precise lubrication system. Lubricant is delivered in programmable steps of 25, 50, 75, or 100% of a user selectable maximum rate. In addition to the MQL output, the Revolution™ has an optional air blow-off nozzle to assist in chip removal. This air blow-off delivers electronically adjustable pulses to maximize effectiveness while minimizing the air used. Both the frequency (1-255 pulses/minute) and duty cycle (1-100%) can be set. The Revolution™ is versatile and easy to use. All operational setup and configuration are done through intuitive menus which are shown on a high-contrast 4-line X 20 character LCD display.

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  • Revolution

    Digitally-controlled output for process control.

  • Unist Revo

    Up to 4 output rates controlled through M-codes

  • Unist Revolution

    Pulsed air blow-off for easy chip removal

  • Revolution TS

    Positive-displacement pump for consistent output

  • Revolution System

    Active monitoring with alerts informs operators when critical issues arise


Keeping you machining with intelligent, precision application technology

The Revolution™ electronically controls the MQL rates as well as the air blow-off for chip removal. Through-spindle MQL can eliminate the need for external spray nozzles which can get in the way and require positioning. With proper design, fluid passages can be placed to deliver the MQL output precisely where it is needed for each specific tool, eliminating the need for operator adjustments. Active monitoring of flow, pressure and fluid level ensures you know when critical situations arise, so you can react before you destroy valuable tools or ruin your work piece.

programmable output

Programmable output
Lubricant is delivered in programmable steps of 25, 50, 75, or 100% of a user selectable maximum rate.

proven technology

Proven technology
Unist positive-displacement pumps have years of field-proven performance and deliver accurate, reliable output.

digitally controlled

Control fluid usage
Digitally-controlled output means knowing exactly how much lubricant is dispensed.

auto refill

Process monitoring
The Revolution™ will let you know when you have low air pressure,low fluid, and no fluid flow.



  • MQL Application

    • Two independent 2-channel (separate air and oil) MQL outputs allow for instantaneous response to changes in output quantity
    • User selectable maximum oil output from 10-255 drops/minute (0.33-8.42 mL/minute)
    • Oil delivered in programmable steps of 25, 50, 75, or 100% of maximum output setting
    • Proven Unist positive displacement oil pumps
    • MQL air flow electronically controlled with proportional flow valves
    • Optional pulsed air blow-off nozzle for chip removal with electronically adjustable frequency (1-255 pulses/minute) and duty cycle (1-100%)


    • Three M-code inputs available to control two independent MQL outputs and a pulsed air blow-off nozzle
    • Works with pulsed, confirmation, or latched M-code signals from dry contact M-code inputs
    • Isolated SPDT alarm relay (2 amp maximum load)


    • Audible/Visual alarm and an alarm relay output
    • Supports alarms for:
      - Low air pressure via integrated air pressure sensor
      - Low fluid -No fluid flow (with optional oil flow sensors)
  • General

    • 2 quart (1.9 Liter) polyethylene oil reservoir with integrated low-level switch
    • 20 character, 4 line LCD display
    • Tactile membrane switch user interface
    • NEMA type 2 enclosure
    • 24 VDC power input(1.5 amps maximum current)
    • Password-protected lock on control panel to prevent tampering


    • Oil-flow sensors
    • Auto-refill of reservoir from a pressurized central fluid supply
    • Pulsed air blow-off nozzle


    • 14.3" (363 mm) Height
    • 6.7" (170 mm) Width
    • 8.28" (211 mm) Depth

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About ThroughSpindle™

Through-spindle MQL is the most consistent, clean, and seamless way to apply MQL in a CNC machine.

ThroughSpindle™ Systems

Unist offers the most technologically-advanced integrated lubrication systems for through-spindle MQL applications:

Unist Spindle Kit

Unist spindle kit
Specially designed components for dual-channel, through-spindle MQL

MQL Tool Holder Kit

MQL tool holder kit
Unist MQL Tool Holder Kits fit into most common CAT and BT style tool holders.

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