Thru-the-tool for water soluble fluids


  • powercool
    • High-velocity thru-the-tool system
    • Applies fluid directly into tool/work interface
    • Removes chips from interface
    • Compact, versatile design

    • Available in 2, 6 or 15 gallon tank capacity
    • Can work with a central lubricant supply
    • Depressurizes easily for quick & easy refilling.
    • Actuation by manual valve, solenoid valve, or air-pilot valve.
    • Custom built for your application


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Powercool System for water-soluble fluids


  • The Powercool system is the only mist coolant system of its kind. It was designed for water-soluble fluids used on fixed machine tools with coolant inducers or hollow spindles. Powercool lets you apply coolant directly at the tool-work interface. Expanded compressed air cools tooling and helps remove chips from the cutting interface. The mist coolant lubricates flutes, holes and chips to improve hole quality.

    The system operates with a single air supply source at 80-100 psi. Coolant is fed from the supply tank to the control station and then delivered in regulated amounts through to the coolant inlet at the tool or spindle.

    The Powercool system dispenses water-soluble coolants to reduce heat. Water vapor evaporation absorbs heat so tools cool faster. Water-soluble coolants are also used to maintain compatibility with flood coolants used on the same machine.

    powercool open
  • interior powercool

Powercool applications


  • Fixed machine tools using:

    • Coolant inducers
    • Hollow spindles



    • Injector Output: 1 Drop (0.05 mL) per pulse
    • Pump Rate: 4 to 200 Cycles per minute
    • Inlet Air: 70-115 psi (5-8 Bar)
    • Reservoir Capacity: 25 mL or 55 mL (500 or 1100 pump cycles)



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Thru-The-Tool coolant system for water soluble fluids.

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