Low volume, low pressure


  • unimist low volume low pressure system
  • The Uni-Mist® system optimizes the cooling effect of water-soluble lubricants with a low volume/low pressure (LVLP) spray mist. Uni-Mist® finely atomizes water-soluble lubricants with just enough air to quickly evaporate and optimize the cooling effect at the tool/work piece interface. The system can also spray straight oils, including Unist’s high-efficiency Coolube® lubricants.

    • Portable - easily move between machines
    • Reduces fogging/overspray
    • Manual or automatic operation

Mist coolant spray system provides a portable, economical solution for spraying water based coolants in machining operations

  • • Reduces fogging and overspray problems that occur with many siphon or suction-type mist systems.

    • Sets up easily from one machine to the next and installs in minutes. An optional, chrome-plated magnetic mounting base lets operator easily relocate the metering block for precise application of spray.

    • Choice of manual or automatic operation. A manual control, on-off piston comes standard to precisely and constantly dispense lubricants and air.

  • • Choice of patented Co-Axial Nozzles for precise fluid dispensing. Uni-Mist® comes with a 12 in., Semi-Rigid Copper Co-Axial Nozzle and 5 ft. tube so you can position the spray on the tool/work piece interface. Flexible Nozzles are available in armored steel or flexible plastic that is highly resistant to machine vibrations.

    • Lets you work in a fog-free environment. See how you can improve your lubrication and your work conditions. Contact us today.

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