Apex System

Intelligent can stock lubrication


  • Can stock lubrication takes a giant leap forward!

    The Apex system for cupping press coil lubrication is an upgrade to Unist's proven Uni-Roller® technology and utilizes an electronically-controlled, positive-displacement pump to provide precise and repeatable volumes of lubricant to the coil. The positive-displacement pump is not impacted by changes in fluid viscosity which allows consistent application of lubricant regardless of ambient temperature. PLC-based controls allow for easy setup, troubleshooting, and monitoring of the Apex system both at the press and remotely using ethernet connectivity.

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critical info
Critical info at a glance

The Unist Apex™ system displays all critical runtime information in one central location. The home screen can be used to monitor the system and troubleshoot issues.

active monitoring
Active monitoring

The Unist Apex system monitors all critical runtime parameters and alerts the user of potential problems and stops the press when critical issues arise.

alarm history
Alarm history

The Unist Apex™ system displays a history of the previous 20 alarms for troubleshooting help and downtime diagnosis.

manual setup
Manual setup

Manual control allows the user to easily perform regular maintenance and troubleshooting procedures on the Apex™ system.

roller setup
Easy roller setup

Changing the amount of lubricant applied to the coil stock has never been as easy as it is with the Apex™ system's roller setup screen.

Totalizer: track fluid use

The Unist Apex™ system tracks total lubricant dispensed and can be reset to monitor lubricant consumed during a time interval of your choosing.

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    • Consistent application regardless of temperature or viscosity
    • Easy to use interface
    • Totalizer: Track fluid use
    • Detect issues before they interrupt production

  • Active monitoring:
    Keeps you running

    The Apex system features active monitoring to detect potential issues before they surface and an alarm history feature to view previous alarm states. A color touch screen interface displays all critical system parameters and makes adjusting the amount of lubricant on your coil simple. The Unist Apex system also tracks the total lubricant dispensed, making it easy to monitor lubrication costs.

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  • Unrivaled precision

    The Apex System's™ positive displacement pump means the Apex can deliver metered lubricant with unrivaled precision regardless of fluid viscosity.

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Fluid type(s): neat cupping lubricants for aluminum containers

Fluid supply: (3 supply options)

  • Pressurized central fluid supply: 10-50 psi (0.7 0 3.4 bar)
  • Day tank, drum, or tote: storage vessel placed next to unit to pump from
  • Manual refill: Internal tank w/side filler cap

Fluid capacity: Internal 8 US gal (30L) tank

Air supply: Clean, dry, compressed air: 80-90 psi (5.5 - 6.2 bar). 25 SCFM (708 SLPM) minimum

Interface: 10.4" (264mm) color touchscreen

Fluid outputs: max 16

Fluid output range: 15 to 60mg/ftˆ2 (161 - 645 mg/mˆ2) typical

Control inputs: Dry contact (switch closure), proximity sensor 10-30 VDC NPN, normally open (connections are provided to power the sensor and monitor the output)

Alarm outputs: One N/C alarm (output 10), one N/O alarm (output 11) isolated, non-fused, single-pole, double-throw, 2-amp maximum load

Operating environment: 32 to 122˚F (0 to 50˚C)
5-95% relative humidity, non condensing

Storage: max 20 setups/jobs

Power: 120 VAC, 8A max, 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 4A max, 50 Hz

Ingress protection rating: IP 11

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616.949.0853 Intl.
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Apex Coil Lubrication System

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