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    Press areas stay clean with Unist systems!

  • Metal Forming Die Lubrication

    Slippery floors, a messy press, and stamped parts swimming in oil are just some of the headaches that Uni-Roller systems from Unist can eliminate. With metal forming lubricant solutions for material from 1” to over 72” wide, we have the answers for metal formers struggling to apply fluid consistently and cost effectively.

Our customers represent a diverse group of manufacturers, each running unique metal forming operations, yet all appreciating that their Unist metal forming lubricant systems not only save them money, but also improve production efficiency!


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  • Consistent lubrication means increased efficiency.

    When lubrication is applied smoothly and consistently with a Unist stock lubrication system, messy conditions from excess fluid are eliminated, scrap is reduced, and time between die sharpenings is increased. This application of metal forming lubricant not only increases efficiency, but can also result in significant fluid reduction and cost savings.

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Which Unist Product?


Unist Uni-Roller S2UniRoller® S2 - The Uni-Roller® S2 lubricator is the ultimate solution for continuous stock lubrication.
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Unist Uni-Roller S2 Powered systemUniRoller® S2 Powered - The Uni-Roller® S2 Powered is the ultimate solution in blank stock lubrication.
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Unist Uni-Roller S2 HG systemUniRoller® S2 HG - The Uni-Roller® S2 HG delivers the same smooth and consistent fluid application the industry has come to expect from Unist, and adds an articulating chassis.
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Unist Mini-Roller systemMini-Roller - Continuous lubrication for thin and narrow coil stock. Perfect for high-speed presses, small press windows and applications like punching, stamping, four-slide, and roll forming.
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Unist TSL systemTSL System - Precision lubrication for ultra-thin stock from .002" to .010" (.05mm - .25mm) thick and from 9" - 45" wide (228mm - 1143mm).
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Unist SPR-2000 programmable fluid controllerSPR-2000 - Programmable fluid controller for up to 22 outputs with storage of up to 250 setups/jobs. Simple menu-driven software includes ability to monitor fluid level, pressure, and flow.
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Unist SPR-2000JR programmable fluid controllerSPR-2000JR - Economical programmable fluid controller with 2 outputs and storage of up to 250 setups/jobs. Simple menu-driven software includes ability to monitor fluid level and pressure.
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lv nozzleLow Volume Spray Nozzle - Precision needle valves provide a high level of adjustability while an integrated valve at the nozzle tip ensures quick on/off response and prevents messy drips. Available in both conical and fan spray patterns.
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accessoriesFluid System & Accessories - Unist is your source for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts and components for your Uni-Roller® and programmable fluid controller products.
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Legacy Systems

Unist Uni-Roller Type SUni-Roller® Type S - Precision lubrication for top and bottom of coil stock at line speeds up to 500 ft/min (152 m/min). Ideal for stamping, roll forming, fine blanking, deep drawing and punching.
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Unist Powered Uni-RollerPowered Uni-Roller® - Precision lubrication for blanks or sheets. Evenly coats both sides of the material for superior results in operations including punching, stamping, fine blanking, and deep drawing.
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Unist Uni-Roller Type CUni-Roller® Type C - A good choice for roller application of fluids in operations with feed rates of less than 100 ft/min (30 m/min) where a less costly alternative to the Uni-Roller Type S system is desired.
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