• NEW: Coolube® 2210AL
    Advanced Cutting Lubricant for Aluminum

    ● Engineered specifically for cutting aluminum
    ● Increased production speed
    ● Eliminate coolant treatment and disposal
    ● Less housekeeping

  • Quantum System
    Integrated Lubrication

    ● All the benefits of MQL in a sophisticated solution for CNC
    ● Digitally-controlled output & active monitoring - take control of your process!
    ● Serial or discrete interface - integrate tightly with your CNC device

  • TSL System
    Consistent Lubrication for Ultra-Thin Stock

    ● Protects expensive tooling
    ● Smooth & consistent lubrication
    ● Reduces fluid use & eliminates mess
    ● Fraction of the cost of electrostatic systems

  • Revolution
    Precision MQL Solution for CNC Machines

    ● Neat application - no more mess from excess fluid!
    ● Reduce fluid consumption
    ● Better lubrication = improved part quality
    ● Improve tool life

  • ApexSystem
    Intelligent Can Stock Lubrication

    ● Consistent application regardless of temperature or viscosity
    ● Detect issues before they interrupt production with active monitoring
    ● Easy to use touch-screen interface
    ● Totalizer: track fluid use

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We provide innovative oil mist lubrication solutions to our customers that save money in their manufacturing processes by reducing the amount of fluids consumed. The consistent application of minimum quantities of fluids improves process efficiency and is friendly to the environment by reducing waste.

The oil mist lubrication products on this website represent 55 years of experience, continuous product improvement, and field proven performance. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help you save money while improving your manufacturing processes! Contact us to learn more about metal cutting & forming fluid lubrication.

A recent study found that MQL reduces the built up edge on a cutting tool and can increase the tool life up to 100 times!
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