MQL ( Minimum Quantity Lubrication ) is the process of applying a very minute quantity of a high quality lubricant directly into the interface of the cutting tool and work piece. When done properly, MQL does a superior job of reducing friction. Less friction, less heat, less tool wear, and less fluid used . . . with MQL, less is more!

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  • Environmentally friendly - 100% natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Consume only ounces per shift
  • Superior lubricating properties
  • Ideal MQL solution - reduce fluid use & save!

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Coolube® and MQL: The Future of Metal Cutting Fluid

These days, “going green” is a concern for many manufacturers and implementing Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) with Unist Coolube® is an easy step in that direction. MQL is the process of applying minute amounts of high-quality metal cutting fluid directly to the cutting tool/work piece interface instead of using traditional flood coolants. MQL minimizes your environmental impact by significantly reducing metal cutting fluid usage and eliminating the need for coolant treatment and disposal. These benefits are multiplied further when using 100% biodegradable Coolube® lubricants which are formulated from renewable plant-based oils. When considering these facts along with the performance benefits of Coolube® and MQL, it becomes obvious that this is the future of metal cutting fluid!

What Makes Coolube® Metal Cutting Coolant Unique?

Using the right lubricant is very important in MQL applications. The perfect metal cutting lubricant will adhere to the surface of the tool and provide a thin, low friction barrier between the cutting tool and work piece. Studies have shown that Coolube® metal cutting coolant has superior properties which make it an ideal lubricant. Coolube’s® polar properties create a strong consistent bond between Coolube® and metallic surfaces. This creates an even, strong, and durable layer of lubrication. Coolube® reduces friction 50% better than typical mineral oils preventing heat buildup and resulting in longer tool life and a superior cut finish.

Lifetime Pump Warranty
Lifetime warranty on Unist pumps
when Coolube® is used exclusively!

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