Metal Cutting Solutions

Our Way: Cutting/Machining with MQL
  • Use ounces per shift vs. gallons
  • Fluid is consumed in process - no mess!
  • Quality lubricant decreases heat, improves tool life
  • Produces clean, dry chips with no fluid
    disposal/handling costs
Their Way: Traditional Flood Coolant
  • Fluid is cheap, but costly to recirculate, filter,
    clean up and dispose of
  • Fluid application makes a mess
  • Low lubricity = heat generation
Which Unist product is right for You?

Metal Cutting Lubricants

Unist's MQL milling oil lubricant spray technology (including our new Quantumâ„¢ system) not only leaves your shop cleaner, but helps your tools cut cooler, last longer, and produce more good parts. By precisely metering and dispensing Unist Coolube® lubricant oil at the cutting tool/work piece interface, you greatly reduce friction at the cut and ultimately save money.

Coolubricator Metal Cutting Lubricant
The Unist Coolubricator is the ideal Minimum Quantity Lubrication solution for all continuous metal cutting applications such as sawing, drilling, milling, etc.. The Coolubricator features continuous delivery of milling oil lubricant in a highly adjustable spray allowing you to dial-in the correct amount of lubrication for your cutting process.
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