Saw Blade Lube System

Cutting edge technology

Cutting edge technology

Saw blade lubrication improves blade life & eliminates messy coolant!

Unist Saw Blade Lube Systems and Band Saw Lubrication Equipment deliver all the benefits of MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) to your band or circular saw in a durable and easy to install package. Longer lasting blades, better cuts, fluid savings, and clean, dry chips are the main reasons users love our Saw Blade Lube Systems and our Coolube® lubricant.

If you’re currently using a traditional flood coolant system, make the switch to a Unist Saw Blade Lube System and eliminate the mess that coolants can cause, their health/safety concerns, and the need to treat and dispose of them.

Unist offers numerous system options to make sure your Saw Blade Lubrication System is perfect for your application whether circular sawing or otherwise, and we’ll work with you to make sure your system is a success. Get started enjoying the benefits of saw blade lubrication and MQL today!


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  • Improved results: sawing Inconel with Unist

    The images at right are courtesy of a Unist customer sawing 3" Inconel bar stock with band saw lubricant. The cut was made with a Lenox 19'2 x 1.5"H bi-metal blade on a Hydmech HYD-M.


    The photo on the top shows cut quality before the Unist system was added. This cut was made using typical flood coolant and resulted in a blade life of approximately 5 days. As you can see, the cut has generated excessive chatter and a large burr on the edge of the stock (click each image for a larger view).


    The photo on the bottom shows the same material cut with the same blade after a Unist band saw lubrication system was installed. The cut was made using our Coolube® 2210EP lubricant. Not only was the cut quality greatly improved, but the customer experienced a substantial blade life increase! This customer was able to eliminate the cost and mess associated with flood coolant and also saves considerably on blade costs.

  • Bat Nozzle – Our Standard Nozzle For Circular And Band Saws

    The Bat Nozzle was designed to easily fit on a wide variety of circular saws, vertical band saws, and horizontal band saws. The nozzle includes a 1.75” (45 mm) square mounting flange that can be attached to the blade guard. A 1” (25 mm) diameter hole drilled through the guard allows the nozzle to be centered over the blade. The nozzle position can then be adjusted as close to the blade as required with a thumb screw. Two outlets on the sides of the blade and a third outlet spraying directly into the gullet of the teeth assure superior application of lubricant to the saw blade. The Bat Nozzle is available in various lengths to accommodate a broad range of saws.

  • Nozzles For Horizontal Band Saw Coolant

    On some horizontal band saws, there is not enough room to mount the Bat Nozzle. For these situations, Unist offers two additional nozzles engineered specifically for horizontal band saw lubrication applications.

    The Collapsible Blade Nozzle is mounted to the leading blade guide and straddles the blade with legs which spray band saw lubricant directly up and into the blade teeth on both sides. The legs are collapsible and retract into the nozzle body at the end of the cut.

    The Guide Nozzle is designed to accompany the Collapsible Blade Nozzle or Bat Nozzle. The Guide Nozzle applies band saw lubricant to the blade where it comes in contact with the guides to reduce friction and extend blade and guide life.

  • Other Saw Blade Lubrication Nozzles

    Unist also manufactures a wide variety of stainless steel, copper, and plastic nozzles, which offer the ability to quickly and easily install our systems on any saw where mounting the nozzles above may not be feasible.

    Our nozzles are available in a variety of lengths, styles, and mounting options so they can be tailored specifically to your band saw lubrication needs.

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