Solutions for Metal Cutting

our way
Our way: Cutting/Machining with MQL
  • Use ounces per shift vs. gallons
  • Fluid is consumed in process - no mess!
  • Quality lubricant reduces heat, improves tool life
their way
Their Way: Traditional flood coolant
  • Fluid is cheap, but costly to recirculate, filter, clean up, and dispose of
  • Fluid application makes a mess
  • Low lubricity = heat generation

Stop getting coolant all over your machine, tools, and floors.

Unist's MQL spray technology not only leaves your shop cleaner, but helps your tools cut cooler, last longer, and produce more good parts. By precisely metering and dispensing Unist Coolube® lubricant oil at the cutting tool/work piece interface, you greatly reduce friction at the cut and ultimately save money.

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Which Unist Product?


Through SpindleThroughSpindle - Through-spindle MQL is the most consistent, clean, and seamless way to apply MQL in a CNC machine. Unist has all the components you need to get started.
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Unist Quantum SystemQuantum - State-of-the-art system interfaces directly with machines and their controllers giving you unprecedented control over your MQL application.
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Unist Revolution SystemRevolution - Designed to bring all the benefits of Minimum Quantity Lubrication to your CNC machining or turning center. M-Code inputs control two independent MQL outputs and a pulsed air blow-off nozzle.
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Unist Coolubricator SystemCoolubricator - Ideal MQL Solution for any continuous metal cutting operation including band sawing, circular sawing, milling, drilling, tapping, and turning.
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Unist Coolubricator SystemSaw Blade Lube System - Continuous output of precisely-metered lubricants for band sawing and circular sawing applications. Includes nozzle designed specifically for saw blades.
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Unist Coolubricator SystemCoolubricator JR - Portable MQL system that is easy to move between machines. Ideal for drill presses, lathes, saws, and open milling machines where manual control and a single nozzle are adequate.
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Unist Coolubricator SystemServ-O-Spray - MQL performance for operations where only a precise intermittent pulse or shot of lubrication is required. Perfect for drilling and tapping small holes, punching, and more.
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Unist Low Volume Spray NozzleLow Volume Spray Nozzle - Combine precise LV nozzles with a pressurized fluid supply and valves for a versatile spray application system. Great for continuous or pulsed spray over small or large areas.
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Unist Thru The ToolThru The Tool - Unist MQL systems designed specifically to deliver precision lubrication to cutting tools with internal coolant passages.
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Unist Uni-Mist System Uni-Mist® systems provide an economical solution for spraying water based coolants in machining operations
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