Precision fluid and grease dispensing for spot applications and equipment lube points.


Precise fluid application with manual or PLC control for assembly processes and OEM systems.


What is the benefit of positive displacement? How do atomized air spray systems work?



230 Micro Pump modular precision fluid dispensing system

Equipment Maintenance Lubrication

Looking to protect your equipment investment with automatic maintenance lubrication?
Tired of the errors, infrequency, and safety issues that accompany manual lubrication?

Look no further than a Unist Precision Fluid Dispensing solution:
  • Eliminate the inconsistency of lubricating manually
  • Accurate and reliable grease and oil delivery
  • Increase safety – automatically lubricate hazardous or restrictive lube points
  • Automatically lubricate single or multiple equipment lube points
  • Reduce downtime with increased equipment dependability
  • Reduce grease and oil consumption and save money
The 230 Micro Pump provides reliable equipment maintenance lubrication.

Lubricate equipment friction points such as:

  • Gears
  • Bearings
  • Chain lubrication
  • Racks and pinions
  • Ball screws
  • High speed bearings
  • Spindles
  • Cables
  • Cylinders

Reliable Positive-Displacement Metering

Our metering systems utilize proven positive-displacement metering pumps for repeatable, accurate volumetric dispensing regardless of external temperature or pressure changes. These metering valves/pumps reliably dispense oils between 30 and 5000 SUS and NLGI grade 000 and 00 greases.

Built to fit your application

Unist automatic lubrication systems feature a modular design and are easily configured to fit your application. Whether you’re dispensing needs are standalone and simple or tightly integrated and complex, Unist has the dispensing technology, and know-how to spec and build your ideal system.

  • Build your system with the pumps you require – up to 12 per system
  • Activate pumps in groups or individually
  • Specify pump type as fluid-only or as air/fluid mixture output
  • Mix and match pumps of 3 fixed sizes ( 20µL, 40µL, or 60µL output/stroke) or choose an adjustable output pump
  • Activate grease/oil dispenser with discrete or electronic control
  • Lubrication monitoring with optional sensors
  • Choose 16, 32, or 64oz. integral fluid reservoirs or a remote, pressurized source
  • Mount your system conveniently with multiple mounting options

Buy with confidence: Unist service and support

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Unist Equipment Maintenance Lubrication Systems:

230 Micro Pump system
230 Micro Pump
Modular Precision Fluid Delivery system