Unist Products

Machining & Metal Cutting Lubrication

Coolube® 2210 is a natural lubricant that improves performance & increases life of cutting tools, taps, & saw blades. 2210 is good for metals, wood, rubber, & most plastics and is especially effective on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.
Coolube® 2210AL is a natural lubricant engineered specifically for aluminum that improves performance & increases life of cutting tools, taps, & saw blades. 2210AL also works great on stainless steel.
Coolube® 2210EP is a natural lubricant that improves performance & increases the life of cutting tools, taps, & saw blades. 2210EP includes an extreme pressure additive for demanding ferrous metal applications.
Coolube® 2210XP is a natural lubricant engineered specifically for ferrous metals with a unique blend of extreme pressure additives which feature reduced staining and no sulfur odor.
Coolube® solid and paste are ideal lubricants for portable cutting tools as well as abrasive applications such as belt sanding and grinding. Apply Coolube® solid and paste directly to the cutting/grinding surface to prolong tool life and prevent heat buildup in the work piece/tool interface.
The Coolubricator JR is a portable MQL system that is easy to move between machines and is ideal for drill presses, lathes, saws, and open milling machines where manual control and a single nozzle are adequate.
Coolubricator is an ideal MQL Solution for any continuous metal cutting operation including band sawing, circular sawing, milling, drilling, tapping, and turning.
The Infinity sets the standard for accuracy and reliability in dual-channel, through-spindle Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) systems. Designed for high-production operations, it consistently, reliably, and accurately delivers MQL fluids over a wide range of flow rates.
Combine precise Low Volume Spray Nozzles with a pressurized fluid supply and valves for a versatile spray application system. Great for continuous or pulsed spray over small or large areas.
The Mini-Piggyback system sets a new standard for lubricating cutting tools on positive feed drills. This system uses a positive displacement pump to precisely apply the right amount of lubrication to the cutting tool, hole after hole.
The Powercool system is the only mist coolant system of its kind. It was designed for water-soluble fluids used on fixed machine tools with coolant inducers or hollow spindles.
The Quantum system is a leap forward in Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) technology. This state-of-the-art system interfaces directly to machines and their controllers giving you unprecedented control over your MQL application.
The Revolution is designed to bring all the benefits of Minimum Quantity Lubrication to your CNC machining or turning center. M-Code inputs control two independent MQL outputs and a pulsed air blow-off nozzle.
The Saw Blade Lube System delivers continuous output of precisely-metered lubricants for band sawing and circular sawing applications.
Serv-O-Spray features MQL performance for operations where only a precise intermittent pulse or shot of lubrication is required. Perfect for drilling and tapping small holes, punching, and more.
Unist spray nozzles are available in Co-Axial or Single-Line configurations and in a wide variety of styles.
The Typhoon is designed to keep pace with the demands of airframe drilling. The pneumatic positive and peck-feed drill systems used in these applications endure constant use and must deliver top performance in an industry where precision is critical. The Typhoon allows airframe builders to lubricate their drills and protect their air motors in one portable, mobile and productive unit.
The Typhoon EL is designed to provide the proper amount of lubricant to an electric driven advanced drilling unit (ADU).
The Typhoon SP is a smaller form factor Typhoon designed to keep pace with the demands of airframe drilling. The pneumatic positive and peck-feed drill systems used in these applications endure constant use and must deliver top performance in an industry where precision is critical. The Typhoon allows airframe builders to lubricate their drills in one portable, mobile and productive unit.
Uni-Mist systems provide an economical solution for spraying water based coolants in machining operations
Unist Spindle Kit To get the best through-spindle MQL performance, it is necessary to deliver the lubricant and air in separate channels through the spindle to the tool holder. The Unist Spindle Kit includes two specially-designed components: a rotary union and a fluid delivery tube.

Stamping & Metal Forming Lubrication

Airless Spray Nozzles
The Uni-Roller® S2 excels at applying a continuous even coating of fluid to coil stock or a blank. However, there are times when additional fluid is needed at specific areas in the die.
Unist Airless Spray Nozzles provide this extra boost.
Apex Coil Lubrication System™
The Apex system features unrivaled output precision with PLC-based control and active monitoring. Remote monitoring with ethernet connectivity. Positive displacement pump allows for consistent output regardless of ambient temperature.
Cupping Press Coil Lubrication System™
The Cupping Press Coil Lubrication System applies cupping lubricants with precision and features high reliability and low maintenance in a package designed to deliver years of exceptional performance.
Fluid Supply Systems
Your fluid application system needs a steady supply of pressurized fluid. Unist offers a broad range of options to meet your needs.
In-Die Quick Connect
The In-Die Quick Connect allows Unist spray nozzles to be permanently mounted, ensuring they remain in position with each die change.
Integrated Fluid Supply System – 10SS™
The 10SS integrated fluid supply system is designed to deliver an uninterrupted supply of pressurized fluid to Unist precision fluid applicators.
LV Spray Nozzle
Low Volume Spray Nozzle When a continuous coating of fluid is needed on a smooth surface, Uni-Roller® applicators excel. However, when the surface isn’t smooth or intermittent coverage is required, the Unist Low Volume Spray Nozzle is the answer.
Mini-Roller delivers continuous lubrication for thin and narrow coil stock. It is perfect for high-speed presses, small press windows and applications like punching, stamping, four-slide, and roll forming.
Sheet Lubrication System™
The Sheet Lubrication System is designed for sheet-fed presses in can end making applications - delivers consistent lubricant to sheet stock.
The easy-to-use SmartFlow® allows metal formers to take full control of die and stock lubrication. This full-featured, programmable fluid controller makes configuring, controlling, monitoring, and tracking fluid application easier than ever, leading to increased profits from the stamping or forming operation.
The SPR-2000 JR programmable fluid controller is designed as a less costly alternative to the standard SPR-2000 programmable fluid controller. With many of the same features and functions as its more capable sibling, it can serve as the fl uid control system for any application where only two outputs are required.
The SPR-2000 programmable fluid controller is designed to precisely control lubricant supplied to Unist Uni-Rollers®, Unist spray nozzles, and in-die lubrication points.
Tab Stock Lubrication System™
The Tab Stock Lubrication System features the Unist Mini-Roller and is an ideal solution for lubricating narrow coils commonly used in tab making.
TSL™ System
The TSL System is a precision lubricator for ultra-thin stock from .002" to .010" (.05mm - .25mm) thick and from 9" - 45" wide (228mm - 1143mm).
The Uni-Blend System is designed to accurately mix water with concentrated fluids in any ratio from 1:1 to 50:1 and deliver the mixture under pressure to a customer-supplied piping network.
Uni-Roller® S2
The Uni-Roller® S2 supplies precision lubrication for top and bottom of coil stock at line speeds up to 500 ft/min (152 m/min). Ideal for stamping, roll forming, fine blanking, deep drawing and punching.
Uni-Roller® S2 HG
The Uni-Roller® S2 HG delivers the same smooth and consistent fluid application the industry has come to expect from Unist, and adds an articulating chassis. The upper rollers opens a full 6" (152mm) to avoid deformities in the head or tail of coil stock.
Uni-Roller® S2 Powered
The Uni-Roller® S2 Powered is the ultimate solution in blank stock lubrication. Combined with a SmartFlow® programmable fluid controller, the S2 Powered will apply the correct amount of fluid for your application and do it consistently from one blank to the next.

Precision Fluid Dispensing