230 Micro Pump

230 Micro Pump
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230 Micro Pump
230 Micro Pump

230 Micro Pump systems' modular design makes them configurable for almost any fluid dispensing application where output precision and reliability are required.

Technical Knowledge Base
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  • Precise output regardless of temperature change
  • Reliable positive displacement pump technology
  • Highly configurable - dispense fluid your way
Technical Specifications

Supply air pressure

Clean, dry compressed air, 80-100 psi [4-7 bar], 25 SCFM [708 LPM] MIN

Supply fluid pressure

For systems with a pressurized fluid supply: 15 psi [1 bar] MAX


Pump size (Output at full stroke)




Output rate




Max cycles per minute*




Air flow rate

0-4.7 SCFM [0-131 LPM] for each air and oil output. 1-2 SCFM [28-56 LPM] typical

Fluid viscosity

30-5000 SUS/100°F & NLGI Grade 000 and Grade 00 for greases

Flow sensor

NPN sensor, 5-28VDC

Pump Timer

Pneumatic pulse

Recommended: 5-50 pulses/minute

Maximum: 200 pulses/minute (not recommended for continuous operation)

Pulse R

Recommended 5-50 Cycles per minute (Modes 1 & 2 on the Pulse R)

Maximum: 250 cycles/minute

Direct pump actuation On/Off timer

0.075** sec MINIMUM

Operating temperature

32°-122°F [0°-50°C]

Storage temperature

4°-158°F [-16°-70°C]

Fluid compatibility

Fluids between 30–5000 SUS, NGLI Grade 00 & Grade 000 greases

*Cycles per minute based on Coolube® 2210. Consult Unist for other fluid viscosities

**For remote actuation this time may increase based on length of inlet air hose

    Options & Accessories

    Flow sensing
    Flow sensing
    Monitor fluid output with optional sensors.

    Pulse R™
    Pulse R™
    Control your system’s pumps’ cycle rate(s) electronically.

    Magnetic mounting
    Magnetic mounting
    Mount your system to magnetic surfaces.

    Reliable Dispensing

    230 Micro Pump systems deliver fluid accurately with microliter precision for demanding dispensing scenarios. With modular components and plenty of options, each system is custom designed, guaranteeing it complements new and existing production lines.

    230 Micro Pump systems deliver reliable, consistent output thanks to Unist’s proven pump technology which displaces a set amount of fluid with each pump stroke regardless of changes in ambient temperature.

    • Precise output
      Regardless of temperature change
    • Reliable
      Positive displacement pump technology
    • Highly configurable
      Dispense fluid your way

    Pump-based Performance

    Unist’s proven positive-displacement pump technology is at the center of the Micro Pump system and is the driving force behind its accuracy and reliability.

    Available pump volumes
    per stroke
    per stroke
    per stroke
    Available pump output types:

    Maximize fluid savings and control when you customize a 230 Micro Pump™ to compliment your application.

    Your 230 Micro Pump system will be custom built for your application. Consider the 6 following choices and contact Unist today for a quote or for more information.

    CHOICE 1
    Continuous or Intermittent Fluid Output
    • Continuous Fluid Output - Choose the volumetric output and duration of a continuous flow of fluid.
    • Intermittent Fluid Output - Choose the volume of a single, intermittent ‘shot’ of fluid and a delivery rate up to 250 shots/min.
    CHOICE 2
    Pump Control Type
    • Direct Control – Each fluid output has its own pump and atomizing air control valves to be controlled by a machine controller.
    • Remote Control – Like direct control except each valve is mounted separately from the pump stack and connected with tubing.
    • Common Control – Groups of 1 to 6 fluid outputs are activated at the same time with a common control valve. Pump repeat timers such as the Pulse R digital timer can be used to repeatedly cycle the pumps in a group.
    CHOICE 3
    Fluid Output Quantity

    Choose up to 12 separate fluid outputs

    Need help?
    Contact a friendly Unist team member - We'll gladly walk you through building the perfect system!
    CHOICE 4
    Pump Output Size

    Pumps are available in three sizes with either adjustable or fixed pump stroke output.

    • 20µ per stroke pump
    • 40µ per stroke pump
    • 60µ per stroke pump
    CHOICE 5
    Pump Output Type

    Pumps can be configured to deliver two types of output.

    • Fluid-only
    • Fluid/Air mixture (controlled with metering screw or external pressure regulator)
    CHOICE 6
    Fluid Supply
    • 16 oz. integral reservoir
    • 32 oz. integral reservoir
    • 64 oz. integral reservoir
    • Remote pressurized source

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