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Coolube® 2210XP

Coolube® 2210XP
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Coolube® 2210XP
Coolube® 2210XP
Coolube® 2210XP is a natural lubricant engineered specifically for ferrous metals with a unique blend of extreme pressure additives which feature reduced staining and no sulfur odor.
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  • Improves performance and increases life of cutting tools, taps, and saw blades.
  • Reduced yellow-metal staining
  • No sulfur odor
  • Increased chip value
  • Increased production speed
  • No fluid oxidation (stickiness)
  • Less housekeeping
  • Specially formulated for use with ferrous metals (can be used on aluminum or brass)
  • Eliminates coolant treatment & disposal

Technical Specifications

    • Characteristic

    • Yellow

    • Insolube

    Flash point:
    • >400°F (200°C)

    • None

    Viscosity 104˚F [40˚C]:
    • Viscous

    • Yes

    • Yes

    USDA Bio-Preferred:
    • No

    • 1 gallon (3.78 liters), 5 gallon pail (18.92 liters), 55 gallon drum (208 liters)

    coolube 2210xp lubricant
    Extreme pressure advantage!

    Unist has expanded its line of MQL lubricants with a new oil specifically formulated for ferrous metals. Like all Unist fluids, Coolube® 2210XP is derived from natural vegetable oils, is machinist and environmentally friendly, and contains no VOC's.

    The unique blend of sulfurized extreme pressure additives provide increased performance when machining ferrous metals—without the typical sulfur smell. Coolube® 2210XP also performs better on copper corrosion tests than other extreme pressure lubricants and features reduced staining. If you primarily machine ferrous metals, but also sometimes cut aluminum or brass, Coolube® 2210XP is the right lubricant choice for you.

    Coolube® 2210XP Benefits
    • No sulfur odor
    • Improved tool life
    • Less housekeeping
    • Increased chip value
    • Reduced yellow-metal staining
    • Increased production speed
    • No fluid oxidation (stickiness)
    • No employee health concerns
    • No coolant treatment or disposal
    • No thermal shock with carbide tools

    Safety data sheet (SDS)

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