Typhoon EL

Typhoon EL
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Typhoon EL
Typhoon EL

The Typhoon EL is designed to provide the proper amount of lubricant to an electric driven advanced drilling unit (ADU).

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  • Electronically & pneumatically operated
  • Integrates with ADU controller
  • Total control throughout drilling cycle
  • Quick electrical & fluid connections
  • Easy, external pump priming
Technical Specifications

    • 1 coaxial air/oil output

    1 drop pump output rate:
    • 0.03-8mL/min oil output

    2 drop pump output rate:
    • 0.07-18mL/min oil output

    • 32 oz (standard) or 61 oz (optional)

    • 24VDC

    • 24VDC vacuum and flow sensor

    Options & Accessories

    Pump Flow Sensing
    Pump Flow Sensing
    Monitors output of pump to ensure that it is pumping fluid each time it strokes. Comes calibrated to Coolube® lubricant (may require additional calibration for other fluids).

    Vacuum Shutter Valve
    Vacuum Shutter Valve
    Used to control a vacuum source for evacuating chips and debris from the cutting tool area. The shutter valve is opened and closed by a double acting air cylinder.

    Low level switch
    Low level switch
    Consists of a float and a switch inside the reservoir. When the fluid level in the reservoir gets below a certain point the float will close the switch. Can be wired to a light, beeper or other alarm to alert operator.

    Typhoon EL

    The Typhoon EL is designed to provide the proper amount of lubricant to an electric driven advanced drilling unit (ADU). Based around Unist’s proven, positive displacement pumps, the Typhoon EL reliably dispenses fluid to the cutting tool in portable aerospace drilling applications.

    The system is electronically and pneumatically operated and is designed to be integrated with the controller of an ADU. When integrated with the ADU, the Typhoon EL allows for total control of lubrication parameters throughout the drilling cycle.

    Fluid flow rate and atomization actuation air can be changed on the fly and shut off at stack breakthrough. The Typhoon EL is also available with integral vacuum control with monitoring for the removal of chips. Fluid flow sensing and lubricant tank level monitoring combine to ensure fluid is always being delivered. Quick connect electrical and fluid connections keep the system portable.

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