Precision fluid and grease dispensing for spot applications and equipment lube points.


Precise fluid application with manual or PLC control for assembly processes and OEM systems.


What is the benefit of positive displacement? How do atomized air spray systems work?


Duo System

Duo System
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Duo System
Duo System
The Duo System delivers controlled, repeatable coil stock lubrication for narrow-width stamping applications.
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  • Easy to use, two-button adjustment
  • Tamper proof lock
  • Low-fluid warning

Technical Specifications

    • 2 outputs, 24 VDC, 6.5 watts

    • Pulse R count and duration timers

    Max. cycle input rate:
    • Max: 50 cycles/second at 50% duty cycle

    Rotation sensor:
    • PNP inductive sensor (Uni-Roller® S2), Magnetic reed switch (Mini-Roller)

    Supply air pressure:
    • 5 – 100 psi [.34–7.0 bar]

    Incoming power:
    • 100–220 VAC, 0.5 Amps
      Integral voltage transformer to 24VDC

    Operating temperature:
    • 32°-122°F [0°-50°C]

    duo system

    Controlled, Repeatable Lubrication

    The Duo fluid controller delivers controlled, repeatable coil stock lubrication for narrow-width stamping applications. With Duo, you conserve lubricant by applying only what you need, directly to the stock, without overspray or excess fluid mess.

    Duo delivers stamping fluid to a Mini-Roller or Uni-Roller® S2 which then applies it neatly to one or both sides of the stock. The Duo controller is designed for painless integration: Simply attach the provided rotation sensor cable, fill the lubricant reservoir, and mount and plug-in the Duo controller to get started. Adjust the frequency and duration of lubricant dosing and let Duo provide worry-free, consistent lubrication while you focus on making parts.

    • Consistent lubrication protects dies & improves efficiency
    • Reduces stamping fluid consumption significantly
    • Neat lubricant application keeps press areas clean
    Combine Duo with either Uni-Roller® S2 or Mini-Roller applicators.
    Uni-Roller® S2
    Uni-Roller S2 stock lubricator
    3–18" wide stock
    Mini-Roller stock lubricator
    1–6" wide stock
    The Internally-Fed Difference

    Unist’s unique internally-fed roller design wicks and transfers a controlled amount of lubricant to the stock. Only what is needed is used - saving fluid and preventing messy, wet press areas.

    internally fed rollers Uni-Roller S2
    internally fed rollers Mini-Roller
    Supplemental / In-Die Spray

    The Duo controller can also be used to control two Unist Airless Spray Nozzles for jobs where critical die components require additional lubrication.

    in-die spray for supplemental lubrication

    Pulse R Easy Lubrication Adjustment
    Pulse R electronic timer

    The Duo controller’s outputs are easily set and adjusted using individual Pulse R electronic timers.

    • Easy to use two-button adjustment
    • Tamper proof lock
    precise fluid application with Duo

    Precise Fluid Application
    Reliably apply a precise, even volume of lubricant.

    Easily adjustable

    Easily Adjustable
    Select lubricant amount easily with two-buttons.

    Low fluid warning

    Low Fluid Warning
    Know when it’s time to refill with LED indicator.

    Simple integration

    Simple Integration
    Integrate quickly with simple basic connections.

    Beyond DUO™ : Unist Metalforming Lubrication Solutions

    Unist metalforming lubrication solutions

    Looking to lubricate wider coil or blank stock? Need advanced integration into your pressline? Check out Unist’s full line of Uni-Roller applicators and our programmable SmartFlow® controller.

    Learn more

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