Precision fluid and grease dispensing for spot applications and equipment lube points.


Precise fluid application with manual or PLC control for assembly processes and OEM systems.


What is the benefit of positive displacement? How do atomized air spray systems work?


Powered Roller Cart

Powered Roller Cart
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Powered Roller Cart
Powered Roller Cart

The Powered Roller Cart is a portable blank stock lubrication solution designed to easily be moved between press lines.

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  • Easily moved between press lines
  • Applies uniform, controlled lubrication
  • Reduce lubricant consumption by 50% or more
  • Cleaner floors & work areas
Technical Specifications

    Stock type:
    • Blank stock

    Stock thickness:
    • .005”-.25” (.13mm – 6.35mm)

    Stock width:
    • up to 46.5" (1,181 mm).

    Stock length:
    • up to 54" (1,371 mm)

    Cart dimensions:

    Fluid type(s):
    • For use with a broad range of water soluble and neat lubricants. Viscosity from 30 – 1000 SUS. Thicker lubricants can be tested by Unist for compatibility.

    Fluid supply:
    • 6 gal(22.7L), 15 gal(56.8L), also can be integrated into customer’s bulk fluid system

    Applicator material:
    • Polyester felt or polyurethane foam


    • NA (see SmartFlow® for controller power requirements)

    • - NA

    • Clean, dry, compressed air, 80-100 psi (5.5-6.9 bar),10 SCFM (280 SLPM) minimum

    Options & Accessories

    Roller covers
    Polyurethane foam cover
    Polyurethane foam cover
    Reduces uneven wear on cover when a variety of stock widths and thicknesses are used. Due to limited fluid compatibility, consult Unist.

    Polyester felt cover
    Polyester felt cover
    Extremely durable and compatible with a broad range of fluids.

    Low volume
    Low volume fluid dispenser tube
    Low volume fluid dispenser tube
    For use in applications requiring coverage of 50 mg/ft2 [538 mg/m2] or less.

     AC variable frequency drive
    AC variable frequency drive
    Automated speed control for speeds up to 150 ft/min [46 m/min]. Not available on single roller units.

    Variable speed DC drive
    Variable speed DC drive
    Manual speed control through a potentiometer for speeds up to 145 ft/min [44 m/min].

    Supply & Connections
    In-die quick connect
    In-die quick connect
    Allows for permanent spray nozzle mounting to the die. Ensures nozzles remain in correct position with each die change.

    Fluid Supply Systems
    Fluid Supply Systems
    Your fluid application system needs a steady supply of pressurized fluid. Unist offers a broad range of options to meet your needs.

    Dispenser tube
    Standard fluid dispenser tube
    Standard fluid dispenser tube
    Best choice for most applications with the widest range of fluid compatibility and flow rate.

    Portable Blank Stock Lubrication

    Extend the lifespan of dies, minimize scrap, and enhance the quality of parts through effective stock lubrication. Utilizing a powered roller lubricator, a single operator can efficiently apply a uniform layer of lubrication to both sides of the stock, ensuring optimal performance.

    • Reduce labor
    • Mobile/portable design
    • Improve cycle times
    • Reduce fluid consumption
    Powered Roller Cart

    Powered Roller Cart side view
    Mobile Configuration

    Streamline multiple press line operations with a single Powered Roller Cart. Effortlessly maneuver between press lines, and switch fluid settings on the go. Stock sensors ensure lubrication application only when blanks are detected. Carts include a SmartFlow fluid controller, powered roller lubricator, and fluid supply tank.

    Advanced Fluid Controls

    Optimize profits and cycle times with advanced fluid controls. With precise output control, job storage, and an easy-to-use interface, SmartFlow® gives you complete command over your fluid application. Experience enhanced efficiency through the ability to save and swiftly recall job settings, enabling rapid press line changeover. Simplify the configuration, control, monitoring, Auto feed & return and tracking processes with the user-friendly SmartFlow® controller.

    Create, save, and recall jobs easily

    Easily create Jobs
    Effortlessly create and save jobs for each operation. Just choose your desired job, reducing new job setup time to a matter of seconds.

    Fluid tracking takes the guesswork out of fluid consumption

    Fluid tracking
    SmartFlow takes the guesswork out of tracking fluid consumption. With an optional flow meter, you’ll know exactly how much fluid your process is consuming and you’ll work smarter knowing your lubricant cost per part.

    Powered Roller Cart applications:

    • Punching
    • Stamping
    • Fine blanking
    • Deep drawing
    • Application of rust preventives and other protective coatings

    Delivers return on investment in less than 6 months

    That's what many of our customers report. By applying the proper amount of fluid, the Powered Roller Cart uses 50 to 90% less lubricant for stock lubrication. Plus it decreases the mess, the parts cleaning, fluid recycling and costs associated with in-die spray systems, rag technology and externally lubricated rollers.

    The internally-supplied difference
    mql video

    The internally-supplied rollers are essential to precisely applying the fluid. Inside each of the rollers is a dispenser tube with small holes placed along its length. Fluid is injected into the dispenser tubes from the fluid controller and dispensed across the inside of the rollers.

    The lubricant is transferred to the stock through durable polyester felt or polyurethane foam roller covers. These cover materials apply the lubricant smoothly and evenly across both the top and bottom of the stock.

    The Powered Roller Cart applies the exact amount of lubricant required. This eliminates the mess and waste associated with in-die spray systems and externally lubricated roller systems. The result is not only a cleaner shop, but also significant savings from decreased fluid waste, improved die life, better part quality and increased machine up-time. Many customers have reported savings resulting in a return on investment of less than six months!


    Powered Roller Cart smooth consistent stock lubrication coating

    Powered Roller Cart delivers smooth and consistent lubrication.


    The brushed stainless steel guards protect the rollers and guide material when loading coil stock or feeding blanks. With the guards removed for better access, a roller can be changed in about a minute using a single wrench. The Powered Roller Cart is built to handle any manufacturing environment without sacrificing ease of maintenance.

    single roller entry side
    single roller exit side

    Built to fit your application

    A single roller set is used for widths of 18” [457.2 mm] or less where the lower roller is directly driven. For blanks over 18” [457.2 mm] wide, multiple 12” [304.8 mm] wide roller sets are staggered and overlapped. Each lower roller is driven by a heavy-duty chain from a central shaft.

    Carts are built to match the width of the powered roller lubricator: cart dimensions

    Powered Roller Cart single roller configuration dimensions
    Single roller coverage of 12” [304.8 mm] to 46.5” [1181 mm]
    Roller coverageA (extrusion length)B (overall width)
    [304.8 mm]
    [457.2 mm]
    [666.5 mm]
    [457.2 mm]
    [609.6 mm]
    [818.9 mm]
    Powered Roller Cart multiple roller configuration dimensions
    Multiple rollers (coverage over 18”) [457.2 mm]
    Roller coverageA (extrusion length)B (overall width)
    [596.9 mm]
    [762 mm]
    [1046.0 mm]
    [596.9 mm]
    [1066.8 mm]
    [1350.8 mm]
    [1181.1 mm]
    [1371.6 mm]
    [1655.6 mm]

    Powered Roller Cart™ in action

    Powered Roller Cart™ in action
    The Powered Roller Cart™ is a mobile lubrication solution for blank/sheet stock.

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