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The new Unist SmartFlow controller enables metal formers to get smart with fluid application.

Unist SmartFlow Controller

Designed around an intuitive and easy-to-use operator interface, the SmartFlowallows for simple, guided setup, advanced press control integration, fluid usage tracking, process monitoring, and enhanced diagnostic and maintenance tools.

Save and recall jobs manually or have the press controller select the job for easy, automatic changeover. Back up and transfer jobs and settings between lines with a USB flash drive and the SmartFlow’s USB port. Pair the SmartFlowcontroller with Unist’s proven line of precision fluid applicators for an intelligent, easy-to-use lubrication system that eliminates wasted fluid and mess, reduces scrap, and maximizes profits.

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Touch Screen Operator Interface

The SmartFlow’s touch screen interface allows users to easily access jobs, settings, maintenance reminders, and more. Its intuitive menu structure and straightforward set up allow for easy transition from box to production line. Guided flow tests, enhanced priming, and job setup wizards make the SmartFlow controller the easiest lubricant controller to use and the smartest choice for your metal forming application.


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Once a job is created, editing the settings is easy. Simply increase or decrease the fluid setting and the SmartFlow will do the rest. This allows for quick fine-tuning of lubricant settings to ensure the proper amount of fluid is applied. Jobs are completely portable and can easily be copied with a removable USB flash drive from one controller to another for maximum flexibility.


Press Line Control Integration

The smarts of the SmartFlow don’t end at the user interface. The SmartFlow’s advanced communication ability allows it to communicate seamlessly with production line equipment. This allows for automatic job changes and alarm and status message communication between the line and the SmartFlow controller.

Fluid Consumption Tracking

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The SmartFlow controller takes the guesswork out of tracking fluid consumption. Directly measure how much fluid your process is consuming with the optional flow meter. With SmartFlow, you’ll work smarter and know your exact lubricant cost per part.


Process Monitoring

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The SmartFlowcontroller monitors all critical functions to ensure the system is performing at the highest possible level. Pressure, flow, solenoid valve performance, and production line status can all be monitored to ensure lubrication is delivered as required. Insufficient lubrication causes expensive downtime. SmartFlow’s process monitoring capabilities ensure you’ll keep running and stay productive with the right amount of lubrication. Diagnostic/Maintenance Tools

The SmartFlow can track and monitor the status of consumables such as roller covers, filters, and valves. SmartFlow lets you set up maintenance reminders and log changes to ensure the system continually performs. Also, should a failure occur, you’ll get back up and running quickly with easy to use diagnostic tools which let you quickly pinpoint and solve issues.